10 Disneyland Smells That Everybody Who's Been There Knows

1. The scent of old, water-logged wood in Splash Mountain

2. The intoxicating barrage of tropical scents that waft from the Dole Whip stand as you pass the Enchanted Tiki Room

3. The humid, salty air of Pirates of the Caribbean…

4. And the musty, yet pleasant fog scent that comes during this part of the ride

5. The nostalgic odor of oil and steel that comes from the Disneyland Railroad Locomotive

6. The tantalizing aroma of vanilla and waffle cone that fills the air outside of Main Street’s Candy Palace

7. The euphoric marriage of sugar and cinnamon that is churros

8. The crisp, mechanical tinge of Space Mountain.

9. The unmistakable aroma of a Monte Cristo sandwich that's so rich you can almost taste it

10. And of course, the smoky, burnt after-smell of Disneyland’s magical nighttime fireworks