10 Everyday Facts You’ve Probably Missed At One Point In Life

1. Foam isn’t classified as a liquid, a gas, or a solid. It’s all three at the same time.

2. Science hasn’t found an answer to why static electricity works between similar objects, or even dissimilar ones.

3. Moths are attracted to light, but scientists have no idea why.

4. Stop hiccups by pressing on your eyes or pulling your ear.

5. Kids today are likelier to outgrow an allergy than previous generations.

6. Migraines run in families, but we don’t know why they’re caused.

7. Viruses are neither alive, nor dead.

8. We have no idea why people age, or age at different speeds.

9. Science has no explanation for what “colors” are.

10. Though dogs reportedly were domesticated for at least 33,000 years, they may not have been the same “dogs” we see today.

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