10 Upcycled Jewelry DIYs Make You Think Twice About Throwing Out Old Baubles

1.) Instead of throwing away a burnt-out lightbulb, turn it into a quirky necklace.

2.) Have an old leather belt or purse hanging around? Create this miniature book charm for a bracelet.

3.) Recycle an old watch by covering the clock with vintage photographs.

4.) Colored plastic soda bottles can be fashioned into beads with a little heat.

5.) Aluminum cans become heart shaped earrings with a few quick snips and a coat of red paint.

6.) A pair of earring you no longer wear can be used to embellish hair pins.

7.) It’s hard to believe this beautiful ombre necklace is made of pistachio shells!

8.) Old thread spools and fabric scraps make cute necklace charms.

9.) Does this pattern look familiar? This necklace is made out of refashioned Arizona green tea cans.

10.) Create brooches, earrings, and more by covering buttons with your favorite candy wrappers.


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