11 Bookmarks You Need To Get Your Hands On Before You Crack Open A New Book

1. Corner Bookmarks

These cotton bookmarks are a perfect alternative to folding your pages. Buy it here.

2. "I Like Big Books" Bookmark

Because there’s nothing like some good rap puns for your books. Buy it here.

3. Cat in the Book Bookmark

Take your feline friend with you, even when you’re reading. Buy it here.

4. Hand-Cut Skyline Bookmark

Get it in the shape of your favorite city. Buy it here.

5. Magnetic Macaron Bookmark

Make reading extra sweet. Buy it here.

6. Personalized Wire Bookmark

Never confuse your books with someone else with these personalized bookmarks. Buy them here.

7. Stay-Put Bookmark

These bookmark bands will be sure to keep your spot no matter what happens to your book. Buy it here.

8. Crochet Character Bookmark

Get your favorite character to accompany you as you read through the book written about them. Buy it here.

9. Scrabble Bookmark

Get a personalized Scrabble tile made into an elegant bookmark. Buy it here.

10. Vintage Teaspoon Bookmark

Get these actual vintage teaspoons stamped with your personalized messages. Buy it here.