11 Reasons Having A Bitchy Lifestyle Is Actually Very Worth It

1. You're always yourself because WHY THE F*CK NOT.

2. Your friends are probs bitches too, and that is FINE.

3. You're assertive and don't let the haters bother you.

4. You realize you can't get caught up in all the emotions and all the drama. You know when it's time to move on.

5. You always have an opinion and you don't sugar coat anything.

6. Fake friends are SO not your thing.

7. Your resting bitch face will help others know you don't give a sh*t

8. You know the importance of being a smart bitch. Knowledge is power, people.

9. You create stronger friendships

10. You don't keep your emotions inside. You let how you're feeling be known.

11. You do what you want. Because, DUH.