12 Animals With Rare Genetic Mutations That Are Bizarre And Beautiful

1. This dog isn’t covered in tar. His genes have just turned his fur into a work of art!

2. We’d like to see a version of The Dark Knight with this cutie playing Harvey Dent.

3. This cat isn’t looking into a mirror — her sister’s markings are just the exact opposite of hers!

4. This lobster has taken the liberty of splitting himself down the middle…you know, before you share him for dinner.

5. Okay, are this butterfly’s wings blue or yellow?

6. Would you like white or dark meat?

7. Much more beautiful than NBC’s rainbow version, am I right?

8. It looks like someone indecisively painted this bird, but it was actually just born this way.

9. This one is subtle, but that’s just how turtles roll.

10. Two puppies for the price of one!

11. Ah, the infamous zebra-horse-zebra.

12. These monkeys were made from the genes of six different animals.


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