12 Delicious Ways to Win Over Your Love on Valentine’s Day

12 Delicious Ways to Win Over Your Love on Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2016

There’s nothing more romantic to us than a cook in the kitchen. Whether you’re celebrating with a sweetheart or sensing you’re going to end up solo, preparing a meal at home will save you from overcrowded restaurants and expensive prix-fixe menus on Valentine’s Day. Picking out the menu for your special meal can be tricky though. You want to make certain it’s something that fits your culinary skill level, yet it’s interesting enough to express your love.

If you don’t already have a Valentine, you’re going to rush out to grab the nearest human after clicking through this gallery. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite foolproof recipes and inspiration that won’t leave you ordering take-out at the last second after a dining disaster. Sleep in late on Sunday morning to make a divine dark chocolate French toast with coffee butter. Dim the lights and sip on Champagne paired with something spicy. Spoil yourself with famous French macarons. At the very least, turn anything and everything (including pepperoni pizza) into a heart shape because you can.

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, so go ahead and break out the booze for a breakfast in bed. Add strawberry shrub to any clear cocktail for an extra kiss of color, then see why oysters are infamous aphrodisiacs.

Whatever you decide to cook, eat your heart out to celebrate your one true love: food.

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