14 Beautiful Tattooed Instagram Models You Should Be Following

1. Carlos Costa

Follow him @roque_80

2. Jesse Lee

Follow her @jesseleenyc

3. Luke Ditella

Follow him @lukeditella

4. Bill Huxley

Follow him @billhuxley

5. Radeo

Follow her @ohnoradeo

6. Ricki Hall

Follow him @rickisamhall

Hall works as a model all around the world. 

7. Catrin Birkby

Follow her @catrinbirkby

This model, hairstylist and makeup artists floral sleeve is gorgeous. 

8. Gogo Blackwater

Follow her @zombiegogo

9. Sam Reece

Follow him @samreece7

10. Alysha Nett

This tattooed model and fashion buyer has some seriously sick ink. 

11. Josh Mario John

Follow him @spizoiky,

This model also has a pretty sick beard.

12. Chris Millington

Follow him @chrisjohnmillington

13. Zane Pittman

Follow him @zanepittman

14. Chris Perceval

Follow him @chris_perceval