14 Things You Never Knew About The World’s Cutest Pup: The Corgi

1. The word corgi comes from combining two Welsh words…

2. Corgis were traditionally herding dogs…

3. Welsh corgis have been around for nearly 1,000 years…

4. The queen’s corgi, Susan, joined her owner when she went on her honeymoon.

5. Susan later made a name for herself by biting the royal clockwinder.

6. There are two types of corgi: the cardigan and the Pembroke.

7. In Welsh folklore, these little pups are said to be the noble steeds of woodland fairies…

8. Pembroke corgis are known to be bold, friendly, affectionate, alert, and smart!

9. According to psychology professor Stanley Coren, corgis are the 11th smartest dog breed.

10. The queen’s two remaining corgis are named Holly and Willow…

11. Pembroke Welsh corgis will usually live for about 12-15 years.

12. Queen Elizabeth has never sold any of her pups, but she’s given lots of them away as gifts.

13. There’s a yearly event called SoCal Corgi Beach Day, or Corgchella, and it’s definitely something you want to know about.

14. Corgis are actually related to Siberian huskies — they’re both part of the Spitz dog family.

Bonus: corgi babies are the cutest (but you already knew that one).

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