14 Times Khloe Kardashian Took The Words Right Out of Your Mouth

1. On guys:

Girl knows whats up. 

2. On dealing with your mom:

Not all of us can be so subtle. 

3. On speaking the truth:

4. On socializing:

Nope. Not gonna do it. 

5. On asking the right questions:

No one wants to be a boring whore. 

6. On being obsessed with her family:


In love and obsessed with family:

7. On calling people out:

SERIOUSLY, don’t be. 

8. On having your favorites and being honest about it:

9. On putting people in their place:

10. On getting real about your skillz:

11. On the life motto everyone should follow:


12. On being young and fun:

Never get old. 

13. On road rage:

We all get it. 

14. On giving the best advice you could possibly give:

Admit it, Khloé is your alter ego.