15 Examples Of How Selfies Have The Potential To Turn To Disaster

1. "Yup, I was born the wrong generation."

2. "There will be no selfies in my domain."

3. "Wait, I'm confused. Is this the men's bathroom?"

4. "Maybe…just maybe, she didn't see me."

5. "I have failed as a parent."

6. "Is there not a public bathroom is the United States devoid of this self-me crap??"

7. "Unlike you, I actually need to use this."

8. "You will be punished for your sins."

9. "HAHAA PEEEEAC…oh shit, hey."

10. "Oh, you mean to tell me you don't have a mirror at home? Or was this one of those critical selfie situations?"

11. "I will rain down judgment on you."

12. "Hey asshole, just wanted to let you know, you look really cool."

13. "Ummmmmmmm…I didn't see anything. I promise."

14. "Sweet heart, you do know I'm right here, right?"

15. "I immediately regret this decision…"

"…to my very core."