15 Extremely Good Reasons To Stop Throwing Those Silica Gel Packets Away

1. Use silica gel packets to keep your gym bag smelling fresh and clean.

2. Use a pack to keep seeds from gaining moisture.

3. Use silica gel in your tool box and keep your tools from oxidizing.

4. Keep your towel cabinet free of moisture by using some silica packets here and there.

5. You can keep your razor a little longer if you store it by silica gel packets. It helps keep the moisture out and will in turn keep your razor sharper longer.

6. Get flowers to dry faster with silica gel.

7. If your phone happens to get wet, remove the battery and memory cards…then place the phone in a bowl filled with silica gel packets…it should be good by the next day!

8. Preserve Christmas ornaments and keep them looking like new by storing them with a silica gel packet or two.

9. You can get rid of that old musty book smell with silica packets…unless that old book smell is your thing.

10. Keep silverware from tarnishing by storing it with a silica gel packet.

11. If you keep silica gel packets on your dashboard in your car it will help clear up any foggy situation that occurs!

12. Tape a packet underneath the lid on herb containers or dog food containers. It will keep all contents dry.

13. You can store the gel packets with photos so that no moisture can ruin your precious memories.

14. Don't let your camera lens get foggy, use a silica packet to keep it fresh and clean.

15. Leave a packet in your makeup bag to keep it nice and dry, especially when you travel.