15 Products With Interactive Packages That Are Making The Thing Inside Seem A Lot Cooler

1. Condensable wine box that lets you get every last drop

2. Cookie containers that turn into animal masks when you're done

3. Space-saving, assemble-yourself hangers that are also recyclable

4. Chocolate bags that you can make pixelated designs with

5. Condom packaging that humorously reminds you to keep it safe

6. Beer label that can be made into origami

7. "Customizable faces" coffee cups

8. Candy packaging that turns into a little cat

9. Wine label you can doodle on

10. Meat freshness indicator

This should be globalized as a requirement.

11. Rock-chocolate garden with "sugar-sand" you can rake

12. Wine bottle that serves as a fun photo prop

13. Health drink that reveals hidden messages when drank

14. To-go lunches with boxes that transform into fake yet functional plates

15. Wine labels with interactive brain games