16 Cats That Are Perfectly Aware Of How Big They Really Are

1. "Oh and you think this is fun for me??"

2. "One of these days, you won't have hands to pick me up with…"

3. "Say cheese? Wait, what about cheese??"

4. "Yeah, these cute hooks will definitely keep me from pilfering the pantry. Good call on that."

5. "You're dead to me."

6. "Hey, you know how people's faces are a good indication of how they feel about something? Yeah that applies to cats as well…"

7. "Take a picture, it'll last…wait, shit…you're taking one now, aren't you."

8. "Fly you fools!"

9. "Maybe…maybe I'm not like the others. *sighhh"

10. "And surprise attack sequence in 3…2…"

11. "Does this chair make me look huge?"

12. "What the hell do you want, human? Or should I say, prey."

13. "I will shit on your wrist if you don't put me down right now."

14. "Jesus man, how many friends do you have to show??"

15. "I'm leaving you tonight."

16. "Yeah, mk…she wants to die."