16 Celebrities That Are Famously Bald And Definitely Don't Need To Change A Thing

1. Bruce Willis

This is more shocking than the ending of The Sixth Sense. 

2. Vin Diesel

Not sure I like this one…I think he should continue to shave, fast and furiously. 

3. Common

This one kind of works! I like it!

4. Jason Statham

Same with this…I think Jason could rock a floppy mane. 

5. Larry David

NOPE. Absolutely no enthusiasm for this, curbed or otherwise. 

6. Dwayne Johnson

Honestly, this man looks goofy no matter how you spin it. 

7. Tyrese Gibson

Not the worst of the group…but not the best, either. 

8. Patrick Stewart

He could be Ian McKellen’s twin with this do!

9. LL Cool J

If he wants to retain the "cool" in his name, he should not rock this look. 

10. Samuel L. Jackson

Further proving this man can do no wrong. Absolutely killing it. 

11. John Malkovich

He looks like a character from Law & Order: SVU…and NOT one of the detectives. 

12. Stanley Tucci

YASSSS Stanley! He would rock this so hard. 

13. Dave Chapelle

This one was SO jarring. We barely recognize him! 

14. Dr. Phil

Never noticed before how much Dr. Phil resembles Ron Burgundy… 

15. Michael Jordan

This one is kind of adorable. Doesn’t say "best basketball player in the world, outrageously accomplished athlete" as much as it says "I want to give you a big hug." 

16. Pitbull