16 Clever Ways To Give Your Home A Beautiful Makeover

1. Build a wine rack right into your wall…

2. Or even straight into your kitchen island.

3. Invest in accordion glass windows and doors to make it feel like you're actually sitting outside.

4. Extend your master bedroom by adding a nice and relaxing deck area.

5. These hidden storage spaces will keep all of your messes contained.

6. Have a mini fridge built into your island for (adult) beverages only!

7, Make the most of your guest bedroom by installing these huge bunkbeds that will accommodate the masses.

8. In your kitchen, you can install two chutes. One for garbage and the other for recycling.

9. If you have a bathroom that shares a wall with your bedroom, build a fireplace between the two to keep both warmed by a calming fire.

10. Use that space above your stairway by adding a new playroom.

11. These pull out cabinets will give you the extra counter space you've been needing/wanting.

12. When building your deck, include a bar rail.

13. Add a sink with jets in your laundry room to make washing those delicates so much easier.

14. Replace your ceiling with a window for gazing at the starry sky.

15. Install seating around the fireplace for additional (warm) seating.

16. Get these mini-vacuums installed on your floor boards to make dustpans a thing of the past.