16 Completely Disturbing Pictures From the Internet That Will Haunt Your Dreams

1. This girl who just wanted to get a movie from Redbox

2. This weird ghostly figure standing in the background

3. These strange hooded figures watching the wedding

4. Whatever this creepy thing beneath the ice is

5. This little kid who seems to be enamored by…something?

6. They're watching you

7. Oh, you thought sheep were cute?

8. Why would anyone create that mask?

9. Groups of people in masks are never ok

10. What? Why? Please don't haunt me in the middle of the night

11. Yup, Santa is terrifying

12. But not as terrifying as Halloween used to be

13. Oh you know, just someone casually FALLING FROM THE CEILING

14. Too. Many. Mickeys!

15. These two make me nervous

16. Yeah, that kid is extra creepy