16 Enormously Pregnant Animals That Are Enormously Cute

1. The biological clock is no longer ticking for this cow.

2. She's just big-boned.

3. Morning sickness is a bitch.

4. At least they're not horizontal stripes, amirite?

5. Do NOT touch her food right now. Not the time.

6. This dog wishes she were a seahorse so the male could carry the children right about now.

7. This squirrel is excited to prove to the world how well she can balance her family and career.

8. This goat is just happy to be a month away from having a glass of wine again.

9. This guinea pig is not going to feel guilty about eating for two…or three…or four…or 10.

10. These gentlemen know they're the envy of the females of many other species.

11. This sea lion is positively glowing and she knows that pregnancy has done wonders for her skin.

12. This elephant finds is strange that no one has even noticed she's pregnant…

13. This polar bear thinks it's unfair that other pregnant women don't have to deal with the challenges of constantly walking over ice and snow while bearing a child.

14. This giraffe found pregnant yoga and has felt so uplifted since then.

15. This is not this dolphin's first child. She's a pro.

16. This lion has refused to dial in her active lifestyle.