16 Hairstyle Hacks To Save You When You're Feeling Lazy

1. Tame fly aways fast.

2. Master this super easy updo.

3. Get the perfect tousled waves.

4. Try a face-framing braid.

5. Use a five-in-one for beautiful and healthy hair.

6. Make a perfect, casually messy ponytail.

7. Try the perfect spring style. The Tuck & Cover.

8. Throw on a beaded headband to make it look like you tried.

9. Make a secure bun using twist pins.

10. Make baby powder your best friend in between wash days.

Use a hidden hair clip to give the illusion of volume.

Make a voluminous ponytail.

Get the perfect blow out in a few easy steps.

Pin a pretty twist to pull your hair away from your face.

Make an intricate, twisted bun that looks hard, but really isn't.

The easy way to tie a turban.