16 People With Autism Describe Why Eye Contact Can Be Difficult

For some people on the autism spectrum, making eye contact can be a stressful, distracting and sensory-taxing experience. Far too often, though, outsiders view avoiding eye contact as “rude” or “antisocial,” when this isn’t the case at all.

In an effort to better understand how this experience feels for many on the spectrum, The Mighty asked readers with autism who find eye contact difficult to share a description of what it’s like.

— Laura Spoerl

— Sydney Brown

— Tom Bowes

— Emma Wozny

— Megan Klein

— Alex Lowery speaks about autism Facebook page

— Jill Toler

— Lucy Clapham

— Liz Stanley

— Chris Amor

— Nell Rus

— Rosie Howard

– Chris Bonnello, from Autistic Not Weird, told The Mighty in an email

— Deidra Tucker

— Erin McKinney told The Mighty in an email

— Emilyanne Wachter


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