16 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For People With Springtime Allergies

1. It's so exciting! Spring is here! Too bad you can't go outside​.

2. You've tried everything in the world, and that includes the neti pot, so please stop bringing it up.

3. It feels like no one understands what you're going through.

4. And even though no one else has the allergies​, they all have plenty of ideas to help (that never help).

5. You spend all season wondering if you're sick, or if you're just dealing with the pollen in the air.

6. You've tried some of the really heavy duty drugs, and they tend to backfire.

7. Going outside is one of the worst decisions you can make.

8. You usually end up with an entire pharmacy in your bag at all times.

9. You used to be embarrassed​ to sneeze in public, but you're pretty much used to it now.

10. And you always have tissues, both new and used on you.

11. You attempt to enjoy the outdoors, but it's basically impossible to be happy.

12. You absolutely hate whenever someone suggests opening a window.

13. You want to enjoy patios for lunch and drinks, but you know it'll just end up awful.

14. When you see a car looking like this, it actually strikes fear in your heart.

15. And just when you think you've gotten over the allergies, you end up with a sinus infection.