16 Texts That Are Simply A Facade For What You're Actually Thinking At The Moment

1. "OMG! No way, I can't believe it!"

But, actually, I totally can…

2. "I'm on my way…sitting in traffic."

"I’m not even close to being ready"


"That is the most not funny thing I have ever heard"

4. "I'm seriously LOL-ing right now"

Actually, I’m not. 

5. "OMG I'm so sorry I can't hangout later, I just don't feel well and have so much going on! :("

White lies are okay, right?

6. "I'm so sorry about your and your boyfriends problems…you can talk to me anytime!!!"

Kill me. 

7. "LOL"

I didn’t know what else to say…

8. "Oh my god, I literally can't even. Oh my god."

"I’m so bored"

9. "What the actual f*ck?!"

"I could actually care less…"



11. "OMG, Stop. I'm DYING"

"I’m not actually anywhere close to dying"

12. "Stop! People are staring at me bc I'm laughing so hard."

"There is no one around me…"

13. "True dat"

"True dat"

14. "LMAO"

"I don’t know what else to say"

15. "That is SO Crazy."

"But it’s not that crazy"

16. "LOL OMG tell me more!"

"But you don’t HAVE to…"