16 Ways Parents Can Prank Their Kids With Minimal Effort and No Harm Done

1. Put googly eyes on everything in the fridge

The kids will LOVE it!

2. Put a "For Sale" sign up on your house…PRANKS

3. Glue a quarter to the ground outside your house and see how long they try to get it for.

You might be there a while. 

4. When your kids are sleeping switch them into their siblings bed. It's cause for a cute moment in the morning when everyone wakes up.

5. Fake some soap. It's a funny little trick most moms can pull off.

6. Make some healthy lollipops…LOL

Because ALL kids want these. 

7. Create a fake parking ticket for when one of your kids is old enough to drive. That'll show them!

8. Create a dessert grilled cheese for their lunches. You'll be the coolest mom out there.

9. Put a fake dinosaur or spider in the mail box…nothing like this to really creep them out.

10. Fake a moldy sandwich if you want to be the weirdest mom out there…but it will at least make your kids laugh!

11. Use real food to make "cupcakes" for dinner. The kids will love it!

12. Put some worms in their apples.

Gummy worms, that is. 

13. Make a sign like this one.

Jason will never know why!

14. Put tissue paper in their new shoes…they'll be shocked to see how fast their own feet have grown.

15. Switch the ketchup and mustard on them…it's a guaranteed laugh!

16. Take all the batteries out from all the remotes in your house…see who has the last laugh.