17 Animals Who HATE Your Kids. #3 Isn't Even Trying To Hide It Anymore

This dog isn't about to share his bed with his new brother!

"Can someone please explain to me why this thing is smiling in my face?!"

This dog is tired of waiting in line to check his email.

This dog wanted to demonstrate just how disgusted he is with his new siblings.

These dogs want to show you, "Anything he can do, we can do better!"

This cat has been planning his attack for weeks.

This dog just wants to let this kid know that if you snooze, you lose.

This kitty isn't a fan of her new brothers' toys, either!

This pug hasn't learned to share with the new baby of the family and probably never will.

This dog saw a chance to take out all 3 of these kids at once, so he went for it!

This little goat has had it with this little knucklehead.

This puppy thought it necessary to haze his little sister a bit.

This dog refuses to be anyone's pillow!

"HEY! Give me back my sandwich!"

"Why oh why is she trying to eat me, mom?!"

This cat just wanted to relax in her room, but then this little devil had to come disturb her.

These dogs didn't want another sibling, so they planned to take him out as a team.