17 Emotions Anyone Who's Ever Worked in A Call Center Definitely Experienced A Lot

1. The only way to get through the day and talking to these ratchet people is by eating, eating EVERYTHING

2. The need for peace and quiet is REAL after leaving work

3. The feeling that this job will literally kill you one day

4. When the person on the other end is yelling and getting all worked up and you for real just DGAF

5. When your voice is just GONE from doing so much talking

6. The feeling of utter disbelief when you go on break and someone tries to bother you, for real?!

7. When the person on the other end cracks a joke. But you don't DO jokes.

8. When you just need to find your happy place because you feel mentally and emotionally abused after talking to that person

9. When you think that maybe one day you'll have a different job and this will all just be a thing of the past

10. When the phones go down and you've literally never felt more relief in your entire life

11. Going to the bathroom is most often the best part of the day

12. You've mastered the art of (kind of) keeping your cool on the outside, but on the inside your a fiery pit of burning rage

13. That time you shamelessly cried because you just couldn't handle this SH*T!

14. When you "hate life" every single day

15. After working here, you see people for what they really are: DUMB.

16. The feeling when someone is yelling at you

17. The feeling at the end of the day when you get to go home and the tears just flow