17 People Who Found Ways To Nap It Up In The Most Bizarre Situations

1.) Remind me not to grab the rails on the subway.

2.) They really downgraded coach these days.

3.) Stranger danger!

4.) When the mood strikes…

5.) I’m actually impressed with the wall squat.

6.) “Can we just LEAVE?”

7.) This adequately sums up Finals Week.

8.) America’s finest.

9.) A student who actually LIVES at the library.

10.) Bus-hacking?

11.) When they give you lemons…you do this.

12.) There’s NO way he’s sleeping…

13.) How many sleepless nights does it take to get here?

14.) Or here?

15.) Ouch!!!

16.) These positions CAN’T be healthy.

17.) …Zzzzzzz.


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