17 Pets That Did Not Expect Their Owners To Be Back So Soon

"Oh I, uhhh, I was just getting some uh…some lotion…"

"I'm not even gonna try and lie on this one."

"We were…playing…hehe"

"If I donnn't movvvve, she might not seeee me."

"Oh hey…you're back early."

"I was hot so I thought I'd cool off in here…hehehe."

"I uhhh…realize this looks weird."

"Oh. Hi. Yeahhhh…I don't have an alibi for this one."

"Wait, you needed this?"

"I can explain."

"Well. This is awkward."

"OH SWEET JESUS I thought you were gone!"

"Who says I even used it??"

"I like tooooo sleep up here?…"

"Sighhhhh. Alright, just give it to me straight."

"What? I'm just wrapping my gifts for you guys…withhh my teeth."