17 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Scott Eastwood Immediately

The thing you need to know about Scott…

Is that he almost never wears a shirt.

Seriously, it's very rare.

And when he does, he's being adorable and silly.

Or holding tiny animals in a cute way.

Or being super sexy and surfing.

Or getting some new *ideas* for his next *encounter*

But back to shirtless Scott, who is my favorite Scott.

Perfect shirtless Scott.

He looks great just lounghing around…

Or doing very important boat things (I assume…)

Just staring off with his perfect chest hair in full view…

Or drenching himself in water in the sexiest way possible.

Sometimes he likes to just hang out in nature all magestic like.

Or he likes to build a house, SHIRTLESS.

Moral of the story? Never wear a shirt, Scott…

You're perfect, just the way you are.