17 Ways To Keep Kids Happy For Hours During The Long Summer Days

1. A little tape can go a long way in the world of creating fake racetracks!

2. It can also serve as the framework for a brand new game!

3. Don't feel like buying a Jenga set? Not to worry—cut up sponges will do just fine!

4. Not all the DIY games need to be complicated!

5. A burlap sac can be the backdrop for a world of imagination.

6. Set your kids on the track of a lifetime of studying science!

7. A quick lesson in physics can be inspired by a simple balloon rocket.

8. If you're raising little mini bank heist experts, this is a great idea.

9. A very geometrically-savvy game of the floor is lava!

10. Have you ever microwaved a bar of soap? The result is fun and fascinating for everyone!

11. The 2016 popcorn Olympics are going to have some VERY dedicated competitors!

12. You literally don't need anything else.

13. Cardboard box? No way—that's a state-of-the-art indoor slide!

14. If you have a used plastic water bottle, a sock, some duct tape, soap and food coloring, you have everything you need to create a super awesome bubble snake!

Source: Housing A Forest

15. And water, soap & glycerine will make you some dynamite bubbles!

16. See these simple balloons? They're filled with Play Dough…and they inexplicably awesome.

17. Wacky noodles and chairs transform into a hurdles track right before your eyes!