18 Awesome Uses For A Home Improvement Necessity That’ll Make Your Life Easier

1. Unstick zippers.

2. Spray the wooden handles of tools to keep them splinter-free.

3. Get glue off of your fingers by spraying a little bit on your hands.

4. It’s a wasp repellent as well.

5. Clean dirt off of your license plate.

6. It’s the easiest way to get gum out of your hair.

7. It can remove crayon and marker from upholstered furniture.

8. Spraying a little bit can remove most stickers or goo.

9. It’s great for cleaning your greasy hands.

10. You can clean dried glue with it.

11. It’s great for buffing out dings to your car.

12. You can polish your golf clubs with it to keep them nice and sparkly.

13. It’s awesome for untangling fishing line.

14. You can get tea stains out of Formica counter tops.

15. It’s perfect for buffing away scuff marks on the floor.

16. If your rings are stuck on your fingers, you can apply some WD-40 to get it to slip right off.

17. Unstick those glasses that have been stuck together forever.

18. You can even use it to clean your toilet!

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