18 Clever Protests That Got Straight To The Point. #4 Shouldn't Even Need To Be Said

1. Australia stating that they want a better ruler than the one they have.

2. In Brussels, EU dairy farmers protest by using milk canons on officers.

3. A group of "classy gentlemen" gathered to protest the opening of an Abercrombie & Fitch store on the historic Savile Row.

4. This man protesting NSA surveillance

5. This message to Westboro Baptist Church.

6. Miners of Spain conduct a night protest.

7. This demonstration in the Bangalore metro for pro-LGBT rights.

8. Residents of Portland block coal, oil and gas transports.

9. Such a British protest!

10. Only in Canada…

11. Individuals protesting the illegal organ market.

12. Even Muggles know how to fight for what's right!

13. Protesting the World Cup being held in Brazil

14. Protestors in Honk Kong form a roadblock.

15. Oh, San Franciso. You've outdone yourselves again.

16. Factory workers in Italy go on strike.

17. Gay couples of Barcelona form a demonstration before the Pope.

18. Indian men protest after Government accusations that "those who dress immodestly are inviting rape"