18 Nerdy Items For Your Bar That Will Get Your Friends Talking…And Drinking

1. Lego Shotglasses

Think Geek

Yes, you read that right. We just wouldn’t suggest letting your kids play with these. Buy them here.

2. Pi Bottle Opener

Uncommon Goods

Plus it looks awesome when it’s just sitting on a shelf. Buy it here.

3. Brain Specimen Slide Coasters

Think Geek

These 10 coasters look like slices of the brain, and when stacked on top of each look like a weird 3D version of the brain. Buy them here.

4. Molecular Champagne Flutes

Uncommon Green

Etched with the atomic structures of Oxytocin and Vasopressin, these are perfect for any date night. Buy them here.

5. Ctrl+Alt+Del Cupset

Think Geek

These square cups will help you force quit your day. Buy them here.

6. Sonic Foamer

Sonic Foamer

Use sound waves to restore the head to your favorite beer. Buy it here.

7. Klein Bottle Decanter

Klein Bottle

I…have no idea how this works, but apparently there is a way to get the alcohol out of it? Buy it here.

8. Critical Hit d20 Ice Mold

Think Geek

Perfect for your D&D game nights. Buy it here.

9. Rubik's Cube Mini Fridge

Think Geek

You may not be bale to solve it, but now at least you can use it to drink. Buy it here.

10. Petri Dish Coasters


With these coasters, you’ll actually want your drinks to be near the bacteria. Buy them here.

11. Ctrl+O Bottle Opener


The perfect bottle opener for the computer geek in your life. Buy it here.

12. Gene Rock Glasses

Uncommon Green

These glasses are engraved with the genetic code for ADH1A, also known as Alcohol Dehydrogenase, the enzyme that allows people to metabolize alcohol. Buy them here.

13. Chemist Cocktail Kit

Think Geek

Use this flask decanter to create the best test tube cocktails. Buy it here.

14. Radioactive Elements Light-Up Coasters


These coasters will light up when you put a drink on top of them, which will also make your drink glow in an awesome way. Buy them here.

15. Beaker Wine Glasses

Pt Ware

Class up your lab with some wine tonight. Buy them here.

16. The Erlenmeyer Vacuum Flask Cocktail Shaker Set

Pt Ware

Because nothing says a good night like taking a shot out of a beaker. Buy it here.

17. Vortex Cocktail Mixer


Create an alcoholic tornado (which is much better than a Shark-Nado). Buy it here.

18. Math tumblers


We don’t suggest you try to solve the problems as you’re drinking. That won’t end well. Buy them here.