19 Anna Kendrick Tweets Worthy of Inspirational Poster Treatment

1. Don't make it weird.

2. Something we've all thought to ourselves, while on Twitter, specifically.

3. Seems like reasonable idol worship.

4. #Feminism

5. The greatest euphoria of all.

6. Fuck off, walnuts!

7. That's pretty humble!

8. It's definitely not normal famous.

9. YASS. Yas.

10. We've all had that moment where we realized it wasn't…

11. It's a nice thought.

12. Not a damn person.

13. Hot and fresh out the…oven, is it?

14. Oh, romance.

15. A noble, majestic creature, indeed.

16. I can feel my head pounding just reflecting on moments like this…

17. It was a different kind of show back then…

18. Getting high on life, and Triscuits.

19. She'd have some formidable opponents, but we believe in her.