19 Beauty Hacks That You'll Wish You Started Using A Long Time Ago

1. Layer white eyeliner under your eye shadow to get the best color payoff.

2. Using a shimmery highlighter or invisible lip liner to accentuate your cupid's bow.

3. The easiest and most effective way to fill your brows.

4. This is the right way to use a bobby pin to keep your hair secure.

5. Create your own lip scrub to keep your lips smooth during the dry winter.

6. Test foundations shades on your neck, not your face, to get the perfect match.

7. Set your lipstick by brushing translucent powder over a tissue that's pressed against your lips.

8. Make your own gel liner using a lighter.

9. Clean your makeup brushes using warm water and vinegar.

10. Add peppermint or cinnamon essential oil to your lip products for a natural lip plumper.

11. Create a relaxing, spa-like experience right at home using these ingredients.

12. Get these variations of the perfect curl by wrapping your hair around the barrel of your curling iron this way.

13. Get the perfect brow arch using a spoon.

14. Apply your concealer this way for better coverage.

15. Use teabags under your eyes to help get rid of dark circles.

16. Use a rubber band to create the perfect french manicure.

17. Apply highlighter to the center of your lips for a 3-D effect.

18. Vaseline and plastic wrap will help you get rid of blackheads.

19. Create a more voluminous ponytail using this trick.