19 Fantastic Behind-The-Scenes Movie Pictures You've Probably Never Seen

1. E.T.

In between shooting of the ’90s classic. 

2. Edward Scissorhand

3. Django Unchained

Leo just being a boss on site of Django 

4. The Empire Strikes Back

5. Titanic

Jack and Rose being perfect behind the scenes. 

6. Lord of the Rings

7. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This picture can’t even be real because Harry Potter IS REAL. So all that behind the scenes stuff couldn’t have ever happened. 

8. Inception

The movie was so crazy to watch and when you think about it, it must have been crazy to film too. 

9. The Muppet Movie

10. The Shining

When the movie was such a thriller, it’s hard to think about what was going on in between takes. Like this selfie!

11. Escape From New York

12. Jaws

Just messing around with the FAKE shark. 

13. Life of Pi

It is so cool to see how sets looks during filming…can you even believe what this magically turns into?

14. Kill Bill

Everyone is all smiles…but not in the movie!

15. The Avengers

So much green. That’s what you get with a movie like The Avengers, though, a lot of green screen time. 

16. Tootsie

17. Barbarella

18. Raiders of the Lost Ark

19. The Undefeated