19 Flowers That Look Like Totally Different Things From The World

1. This flower that looks like Shrek.

2. This little baby monkey flower.

3. These flowers that are actually little babies.

4. A Praying Mantis that layed down on a plant and looked exactly like he's riding a bike.

5. This tree that looks like a butt.

6. This flower that looks like it just ate a lemon.

7. This ballerina flower.

8. These perfectly curled plant that looks like a heart.

9. This adorable purple duck.

10. This crazy bird flower.

11. This flower that could definitely be a Pokemon.

12. These swan buds.

13. These insanely red lips.

14. These two little girls wearing adorable dresses.

15. This rose that is actually really creepy.

16. This might actually be a butterfly disguised as a flower.

17. Another bird flower.

18. These tiny lips.

19. These hugging carrots.