19 Flowers Who Forgot How to Be Flowers

1. This flower that looks like Shrek.

2. This little baby monkey flower.

3. These flowers that are actually little babies.

4. A Praying Mantis that layed down on a plant and looked exactly like he's riding a bike.

5. This tree that looks like a butt.

6. This flower that looks like it just ate a lemon.

7. This ballerina flower.

8. These perfectly curled plant that looks like a heart.

9. This adorable purple duck.

10. This crazy bird flower.

11. This flower that could definitely be a Pokemon.

12. These swan buds.

13. These insanely red lips.

14. These two little girls wearing adorable dresses.

15. This rose that is actually really creepy.

16. This might actually be a butterfly disguised as a flower.

17. Another bird flower.

18. These tiny lips.

19. These hugging carrots.