19 Simpsons Memes That Will Perfectly Describe Your Feelings Of Every Day Life

1. Perfect for when Congress is…well, acting like a bunch of clowns. ALSO perfect, though, for when your friend is complaining about politics and they actually don't know what they're talking about.

2. When you are so hyped about something but you understand that no one else is on your level.

3. Great for when someone overreacts to a very minute mistake.

4. For when your pretentious but unintelligent Facebook friend tries to leave a snarky comment on your status.

5. When real bad shit happens.

6. When someone is talking too damn fast.

7. When you hop on the bandwagon of someone really awesome because they do…anything.

8. When you cannot believe how badly someone just fucked up and you're sure they MUST know how terrible they are.

9. That friend of yours who has an extremely suspicious vocabulary.

10. When something happens and you know that it is just going to suck so much.

11. When you will do anything to distract yourself from the bullshit that is happening behind you.

12. When you have completely given up, and you have also given up any remaining fucks that you had.

13. When someone tries talking about something that is just the oldest news.

14. When your friend suggests going to the bougiest restaurant in the neighborhood but you know they're broke…

15. When your family members try giving you some advice but you could not care less what they have to say.

16. When you enter the red wine section of the liquor store…

17. When someone repeats what you said, changes one word and gets more laughs…

18. When you are trying to keep up with your friends and their sophisticated conversations and it's too much.

19. When politics make you feel like you want to tear your own hair out.