2 Unwanted Shelter Animals Created Their Own Family That’ll Melt Your Heart

This tiny pup is Chip.

And this is Adele.

Because the shelter environment wasn’t nurturing enough for such young animals, foster care was the only option for the little tykes.

And since they arrived at the facility on the same day, they were placed in a foster home together.

After knowing each other for only a few days, the two became attached at the hip.

They were the coziest of snuggle buddies.

Needless to say, Chip and Adele will be adopted as a pair.

But only once they are old enough to leave the constant care of their foster home.

Foster mom Natalie Buxton says that they “instantly bonded” upon meeting each other…

And although Adele is more of a hyper go-getter and Chip is a little more laid-back, it’s clear that their bond will last a lifetime.




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