20 Amazing Things You Can Do With Old Toilet Paper Rolls

1. Spruce up your living room with a decorative cardboard tree.

2. Make a fashionable cuff.

3. Build a lovely wreath.

4. Add a custom curtain to any window.

5. Get inventive this Christmas with some DIY Christmas lights.

6. Pair those DIY lights with a sparkly Christmas ornament.

7. Show some love with a homemade heart stamp.

8. Show off your skills with some simple wall art.

9. Travel the cosmos with some beautiful cardboard stars.

10. Set the table with these DIY napkin rings.

11. Have some Halloween fun with the kids with this goofy Frankenstein craft.

12. Help little ones learn with this simple honeycomb project.

13. Decorate an upcycled vase.

14. Make a decorative holder for your favorite Christmas candles.

15. Be the coolest parent on the block with these adorable trick-or-treat boxes.

16. Make another pretty wreath.

17. Be someone’s valentine.

18. Keep the kids busy with these cute cardboard apples.

19. Freak out your friends with a cardboard snake.

20. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an adorable shamrock.


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