20 Cakes Made for Baby Showers That Are So Disturbing You'll Never Want to Procreate

1. Please don't cut into mom

2. Ah, the cake that tells the future

3. I don't know why the Cat in the Hat is telling her this…

4. I guess technically true…

5. I don't think that's how it works

6. Don't use dolls

7. Ah, nothing like a bite sized baby

8. Not sure what to be more disturbed about here, the strawberries or the sprinkles

9. If your baby is going to be green, you might want to get that looked at

10. No one thought about cutting into the cake, clearly

11. Please no!

12. I sure hope it's twins

13. No baby should be that color

14. Babies should not be put in the oven…

15. Now we're bringing cupcakes into this?!

16. For the future beauty queen

17. Oh, oh my

18. NOPE!

19. I'm not even sure what this is