20 Cute Illustrations That Are Oh So Tiny and Adorable

1. Can you dig it?

2. Winter is coming.

3. Not as pretty as I imagined…

4. Just a bit off

5. Don't be so cell-f-centered.

6. Speaking of which….

7. My Anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns, hun.

8. And they lived happily breadver after!

9. We all need a little time.

10. Body odor…

11. The real Cake Boss.

12. And we mean a LOT of pressure. He's been under this sort of pressure for years…

13. Self-pity.

14. Break-ups can be tough.

15. So far, so good.

16. It feels so good to get a seal of approval!

17. I can't help it…

18. Long day at the office.

19. Oh, sound waves…

20. What a difference a space makes!