20 Messages People With a Mental Condition Needed to Hear at Their Lowest Moments

They’re moments we might want to forget — the ones that show us the scary truth of how bad things can get. When you live with a mental illness, these moments can be breaking points or breakthroughs — perhaps halting recovery or making you realize how badly you need help. Regardless, we push through them — learn from them — and hopefully grow stronger each time we face them.

We asked our readers who live with a mental illness what’s something they needed to hear at their lowest point.

— Krystin Louise

— Rebecca Chamaa

— Katie Keepman

— Valerie Miles

— Anne Barrymore 

— Jade Ellis Shellam

— Pat Shaw

Andrea Graham

Nikki White

— Krystal Roberson-Mc Murtry

Amanda Schulte

Sarah Mayfield

Brenda Ann

Valerie Stipcak

Kirsty Flynn

— Alexandra Vardaki 

Patti Dorris

Kayla Lynn Malisiak

Aubrie McShane

Jenalyn Cloward Barton

By Sarah Schuster


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