20 Photos That Explain Why Everybody Wants Jordan Spieth Right Now

So, who is Jordan Spieth, you're wondering?

He's NBD really, just a guy, who is only 21, and just won The Masters

Like I said NO BIG DEAL

Actually, just kidding, because winning The Masters is a really big deal

He is also the second youngest winner of all time


Coming in behind Tiger, who also won at 21 in 1997

Spieth came in at 18 under par…which is like REALLY AMAZING

Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose came in behind him at -14

So, basically, he won by a cool number of strokes

Just look at that celebration

And the concentration

You didn't know golfers were so good looking, did you?

Look at the way he is dressed too

So sharp

So sauve

So totally perfect

Jordan Spieth has given you a new appreciation for the game of golf

And now you'll watch The Masters every year, right?

Yep. Definitely.