20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Love (or Yourself)

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your partner in crime, your best bud, or your own good self, make it special: Light a candle (or a few), pour some bubbly, and treat yourself or your loved one to something you won’t find anywhere else. From rosy-tinted serveware to handcrafted vases, here are 20 of our favorite ways to spread the love this year:


Hand-thrown and finished with a smooth, glossy glaze, this serveware is ideal for perking up your table with a little color and elegance. We’re pretty certain Molly Ringwald would approve. (Photos: James Ransom and Rocky Luten/Food52)


Pop the bubbly! Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with these timeless coupes inspired by glasses of the 1930s. (Photos: Bobbi Lin/Food52)


This whimsical necklace proves that bakers can wear their art on their sleeve, and look good too! Choose from 14-karat gold or sterling silver and give your loved one an easy way to shine. (Photos: Bobbi Lin/Food52)


So long, ice cubes! With these stainless steel wine pearls, you can freeze ‘em and and drop ’em into your for a chilled-yet-undiluted glass of wine. Plus, the shiny exterior gives your wine night a classy leg up. (Photos: Mark Weinberg/Food52)


This porcelain pitcher is handmade-to-order and brightens up any corner—and it’s just the right shape and size for your Valentine’s flowers (or a batch of cocktails). (Photos: James Ransom/Food52)


Shiny and silver-plated, these vintage utensils are a gift that will hold up forever. We love them for their subtle differences: Every piece seems to have a different story. (Photos: James Ransom/Food52)


Each of these vintage zinc bins was once used as storage in a French factory. Now you can use them in all their rustic glory for storage—or a wine bucket—at home. (Photos: Alpha Smoot and Bobbi Lin/Food52)


We’re obsessed with this efficient cake stand, which doubles as a curvy porcelain vase. (Plus, both are handmade-to-order and glazed for easy cleaning.) Pick out a special bouquet for the vase—and might we suggest this cake for the plate? (Photos: James Ransom/Food52)


Nothing says “love” like an especially good bottle of wine. Split one with someone you care about and drink it out of these delicately sloped glasses—which look awfully dainty, but are nearly indestructible. (Photos: Mark Weinberg/Food52)


Each Hawkins NY candle—floral Wellfleet, woody Marfa, or smoky-sweet Hudson—aims to evoke a sense of place. The Food52 team can’t stop burning it; our pick is the Hudson, which we burn while we’re soaking in the tub, cooking up a storm, or unwinding solo. (Photos: Bobbi Lin and Rocky Luten/Food52)


Heading to the altar? This wooden wine box has three separate compartments that will help you celebrate the anniversaries in your future. Set a bottle inside each compartment—and look forward to enjoying them in the years to come. (Photos: James Ransom/Food52)


These pinch bowls are an adorable way to hold any little items you have floating around the kitchen or house. Plus, you can choose from a set of four or eight (that is, there will be enough to share with all your Valentines). (Photos: Bobbi Lin and Rocky Luten/Food52)


Gift a little gold with these delicately edged coasters whose subtle glitz is the perfect way to spruce up a weeknight dinner in. (Photos: James Ransom/Food52)


This ceramic dish is the lovechild of a plate and a bowl, and it’s ready for whatever you put on the Valentine’s Day menu. An extra-saucy pasta? Bring it on. Pie à la mode? Sure thing. A plate full of truffles? That especially. (Photos: Mark Weinberg/Food52)


Whisk your special someone away with this necklace, handmade for those who have a flair for baking. Hanging from a small cable chain, this tiny whisk (in silver or 14-karat gold) stays true to the old adage that “good things come in small packages.” (Photos: James Ransom/Food52)


Searching for a unique gift this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than these porcelain paper plates. Whimsical and witty, these white porcelain plates are designed to look just like classic paper plates, right down to the ridged edges—but hold up much better. (Photos: James Ransom/Food52)


This trio of bud vases are made from white clay and coated with glaze, making them shiny enough for your best buds—and they’re petite enough that you can show off flowers without having to peer over an arrangement at the table. (Photos: James Ransom/Food52)


If your “other” Valentine this year is cheesy pasta, then this is an important necklace for you. Made just across the river from us in Brooklyn, porcleain and macaroni is a match made in Food52 heaven. (Photos: Mark Weinberg/Food52)


With 90 hours of burn time, this teak candle is perfect for a relaxing evening by your bedside or bathtub. Also, the eco-friendly beeswax means the candle burns cleanly, without any soot. (Photos: Rocky Luten and James Ransom/Food52)


This is the kind of linen that will always stay at the top of drawer. Handmade and 100% linen, you’ll want to keep it out all the time—and pass it on to your grandkids. (Photos: Bobbi Lin, James Ransom, and Rocky Luten/Food52)


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