21 Cakes Inspired By Disney Characters That Kids Are Petrified By

1. Hannah Montana has really gotten huge.

2. Are you sure those are the Jonas Brothers?

3. This NSFW castle is so wrong.

4. WOW. Mickey looks crazy as f*ck.

5. I wouldn't be mad about this cake at my party.

6. Who set Ariel's face on fire?!

7. Cinderella or Miss Piggy?

8. Minnie is disappointed in you.

9. Frozen cake or child hazard?

10. This should just be thrown under the sea.

11. Now collecting funds for the exorcism of Hannah Montana.

12. Whose car is this?

13. Those Princess Leia buns though…

14. Olaf's face is actually falling off.

15. Good try?

16. I see no beauty, all beast.

17. Someone has their hands around Snow White's neck…

18. Because Rapunzel doesn't have enough hair already.

19. Someone stepped on Tinkerbell.

20. This is almost worse.