21 Creepy Black And White Photos That Give ‘Nightmare’ A New Meaning

1. There’s nothing worse than a smiling dummy.

2. It’s like they’re hearing a message from the great beyond.

3. Whisper, whisper.

4. A mother and her child.

5. Nightmarish circus.

6. Creating a human-duck hybrid?

7. Tumbling buffalo.

8. “I see you.”

9. The world’s most terrifying Easter Bunny.

10. There is no escape.

11. It doesn’t look like he wants to go back in the box.

12. Stranglehold.

13. Pure nightmare fuel.

14. Just grabbing some human for dinner.

15. I really hope this photo is fake…

16. Be careful where you leave the baby.

17. Spending some time with death.

18. Is this a kidnapping?

19. Waiting…always waiting.

20. “What are you looking at?”

21. Self-portraits.


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