Usually, we throw silica gel packs away, but you could reuse them to keep your home products dry and free from damage!
If you spilled water on notes, silica gel will solve this problem and absorb the liquid.
If you put these silica gel bags into your shoes, they will absorb the most of the moisture and remove the bad smell.
Make a handmade “hot” sock filled silica gel and microwaved for a few minutes. Applying it to the place that hurts and you will be surprised at how much comfort this thing will bring you.
Overwatering plants is a usual practice for beginners and usually, they don’t know how to fix this problem. Put silica gel into the pot to save the situation.
Create a towel beach bag that requires basic sewing skills and suppliers and that you can easily throw in the washer to clean!
Cut your old towel into stripes and check our tutorial on how to create bathroom mat! Also, you may choose any color suitable for your taste and home décor.
Check out fun ways to reuse empty pizza box! Did you know that you can transform it into pizza box football? Watch our video to find this cool lifehack!
There is a smart way to store tiny objects like stationary, bobby pins, memory cards – use tic tac box. Also, you can store salt and spices in it.
Tangled wires are a nightmare for everyone and there is an easy way to solve this problem with the use of wine cork and stretchy cord. Drill 2 holes all the way through the sides of the cork, thread the holes with a stretchy cord. Voila!
There is another cute way to reuse wine corks – make plant identifiers.
This is an adorable way to differentiate your herbs, label them with these little cork plant identifiers.
There is always not enough boxes and containers at home to keep everything organized. Moreover, organizing items could be really expensive. But you can create your own beautiful storage boxes from ordinary cardboard boxes and rope. Attach a rope to the box using hot glue and put pillowcase inside. You may choose any color or design that will suit your home décor and taste.


00:07 Silica gel hacks
03:16 Shorts from an old towel
08:45 Bake in eggshells
10:09 Pizza box football
15:20 How to organize earrings

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