21 Inappropriate Moments From Childhood TV Shows That Went Right Over Your Head As A Kid

1. This motel that makes it VERY obvious what's going on from Rocko's Modern Life.

2. And this doctor that Rocko had to visit.

3. This Care Bear who just wanted to show off.

4. The truth about Santa Claus.

5. When Young Justice didn't seem quite so young.

6. This book that no child should be reading.

7. This crane from Transformers that is definitely just a crane.

8. When the Magic School Bus gang got this life lesson.

9. The truth about The Flash

10. These Care Bears "fixing the car."

11. This scene that suddenly makes sense.

12. When you learn spinach will NOT give you the muscles you want.

13. I mean I think we all knew Angelica wasn't all that innocent…but come on.

14. The realization that Papa Bear may have been a little racist.

15. When you realize Blossom might be a little bit of a sadist.

16. WHY isn't that puddle yellow?

17. Those don't look like regular balloons…

18. Need some alone time, Donald?

19. When you realized Timon and Pumba just liked to watch.

20. Whatcha talking about there?

21. And of course, when you realized Mr. Rogers was a real person…