21 Questions From the 2000s That Everyone Is Still Pondering

1. Why did Ashlee Simpson lip sync on SNL?

2. And then why did she do this weird dance??

3. Why did her show end?


4. Why couldn't I be as cool and as pretty as the Olsen twins?

5. Seriously, why am I not one of the Olsen twins?

6. Why did LC turn Paris down?

We know it’s because she moved in with Jason that summer, but COME ON. 

7. How did Heidi get this far in life?

8. How did Audrina get on The Hills? Why did she date Justin Bobby and is that her natural hair color?

9. Seriously with all these crazies on The Hills, why couldn't I have been on The Hills?

I would have been so great…

10. Did Jessica really not know she was eating tuna?


11. Why wasn't Jesse McCartney my boyfriend?

12. Why did Stephen ALWAYS pick Kristen?

13. But then sometimes pick LC?

Would Stephen have picked ME if I lived in Laguna??

14. Why did Haley and Nathan get married at 16?

15. Why was I SO OBSESSED with One Tree Hill? WHY?

16. Why did Marissa have to die?

17. Why did Carrie choose Big over Aidan?!

18. Why didn't Lorelai and Chris ever stay together?

19. Why did The Simple Life get canceled?

20. Were Paris and Nicole really THAT dumb?

21. Did the people on Room Raiders really not have ANY time before they were grabbed a put in the van?